Remy Ma Releases Explicit Nicki Minaj Diss Track & Cover / by Dimp

Here we go again! After months and months of subliminal shots at one another the ladies are now bringing out the guns! Most recently was Nicki Minaj taking jabs at Remy Ma on the tracks "Swallaa", which is a Jason Derulo song,and "Make Love" which is a track by Gucci Mane. Nicki is featured on both and used the little time she had on both to take jabs at Remy Ma. Listen to her verses in both tracks below.

Remy Ma as responded with a vicious cover and and 7 minute long Diss track calling out Nicki in every way possible. The track is called "Shether" and Remy is coming for blood! She also named dropped quite a few others in Nicki's camp. Listen up below! 

  *sips tea* Of course the diss track was so good that it prompted a response from Nicki. That's how you know the track made Nicki feel some type of way simply because she responded. She did so via Instagram. Head to her page to see what she had to say.

In the mean time, what do you think about this heated beef and the tracks? Comment below!