Xscape Announces Reunion / by Dimp

Xscape has officially announced their return! The 90's group dropped the news yesterday with Big Tigger on V-103 in Atlanta. Three of the members were in attendance, one joined via phone and they each confirmed what many fans have been waiting years to hear.

Tiny, Kandi and Tamika joined Tigger for a length interview and discussed everything from the group's start, to it's demise, new music, biopics, upcoming performances and so much more. Check it all out below.

Before I dive into my thoughts, let me  give you a little history lesson about the group.

It was formed in the early 90's, they were signed to Jermaine Dupri's "So So Def" music label in Atlanta. The group consisted of LaTocha Scott, Tamika Scott, Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle and Kandi  Burruss. They generated hits in the 90's like "Who Can I Run To" and "My Little Secret". After breaking up due to disagreements, arguing and things of that nature, the girls ventured off and made names for themselves respectfully doing other media related things.

Kandi, I'm sure you know that she is one of the stars of the most popular reality television show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She's been doing that for almost 10 years. She has her own pleasure shop called Bedroom Kandi and is now married with two children of her own and a step-child. Tiny Harris is/was married to rapper T.I. and they had their own reality show called "The Family Hustle". They have an abundance of children and have built an empire by owning strip clubs, restaurants, clothing lines and other things.

Before embarking on their reality stints, Kandi and Tiny won Grammy awards for songwriting. They each won for penning TLC's hit "No Scrubs". Yup, they wrote it, TLC slayed it! Kandi also helped write hits for Destiny's Child, Whitney Houston, Pink, Usher and many others. I don't have info on the sisters, LaTocha and Tamika...nor will I look it up, but you can.


First, let me start by saying I absolutely HATE Tiny's voice. Hearing her talk just messes with my soul. She sounds....like the CASH ME OUSSIDE girl...in other words, a complete fool! I had high hopes for her, but...no, just NO!

Alright, now for the reunion, I am here for it. I really am. I was and I am still a fan of the group. It's good to hear that they are doing this after being inspired by the New Edition biopic that BET put together and it was a good one. So that is all fine and dandy. But the GAG is...I feel like this is something that was spur the moment. 

Hearing Kandi and Tamika talk, I kind of get the notion that there are still SOME type of ill feelings. I mean, she did say that they first had a face to face the day before this interview. I kind of felt some animosity, but maybe it could diminish through time. I get the feeling that this "reunion" wasn't THOROUGHLY discussed between the four of them and it is kind of all over the place. There is nothing set in stone, everything is up in the air.

Tiny is sitting her ass down talking about she's not singing anymore or she can't sing and the rest of the girls are like "bish whet...?"  She just didn't seem all there or interested. She was more concerned about her bag that was damaged with syrup almost 20 years. Girl bye! 

But I do wish them the best and hope that they can make this work. The fans of Xscape will be happy. The fans Kandi has generated from her housewives and other business ventures will be happy and the same thing with Tiny. But I HIGHLY doubt that they will get new fans from this reunion...IF it happens.   

Thank you to Phoenix Phire for sending me this story!

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